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Built with a powerful engine, Glossary recognizes and links automatically any term to a dedicated page, creating tooltips that enhance the user experience, aid comprehension and give your SEO a propelling push.

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Easily create and manage your WordPress glossary

Terms auto-linking

Through its powerful engine, Glossary will automatically link every instance of a term in your article to your pre-defined list of definitions.

Customized tooltips

On hovering on a word, your readers will see indications about the term in a tooltip, highly customizable in aspect and behaviour.

Widgets & shortcodes

Show your terms in sidebars or in dedicated pages through widgets and shortcodes that can best fit your site’s needs and look.


Create terms and definitions

Through a simple interface you can create terms, write definitions and set the keywords for which you want them to be linked.


Organize the Glossary / Wiki

Fully customize the behavior of your Glossary, categorize entries and decide which areas of the site to show them.


Automatically links your content

You will be able to automatically inject the links and tooltips of your terms into any post type you want without having to do it manually.

Make your cornerstone content stand out

Glossary for WordPress allows you to easily create and manage indexes, categories and the look and feel of your terms to make them stand out at their best. Thanks to shortcodes and widgets you will be able to insert all your content wherever you want.

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Boost Your SEO

Glossary helps you manage your valuable SEO-pleasing content by greatly improving internal link building, making easy to create a better knowledge graph for search engines.

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  • Auto-link engine
  • Glossary categories
  • Widget & shortcodes
  • 3 different themes for the tooltips

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